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The Intelligent Shift approach to Agile Engineering is a process that starts with the people you are developing for and ends with solutions designed to their exact needs. With end-user driven requirements that ensure products meet your mission, you eliminate costs of future development and increase user adoption and satisfaction. Intelligent Shift thrives on the collaboration of our user experience designers, requirements engineers, and systems engineers that each bring unique skills to the table. These multifaceted teams ensure that projects can not only meet the technical demands of the enterprise but also the intricate and nuanced demands of the individual users.

Phase One

Empathize and understand with the needs of your users. Totally immersed in an effort to learn completely what the end-user wants to be successful.

Phase Two

Assess the user needs and begin design activities for potential solutions. Prototypes are shared with the end-users even in this phase for feedback.

Phase Three

Make the solution real with constant communication with end-users along the way.

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