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Identity Intelligence

Intelligent Shift is a leader in the realm of Identity intelligence (I2). While making sense of unique human signatures is a relatively new intelligence construct, our engineers and analysts have become mission partners essential to counter threats to our homeland and advance intelligence operations abroad. I2 refers to the analysis and utilization of personal information, including biometric and forensic data among others, to identify intelligence targets of interest and to deny them anonymity. The practice of forensic, biometrics, and signatures (FBS) collection and subsequent exploitation of that data produces attributes unique to individuals for identification and verification purposes. The fusion of FBS with corresponding biographic and behavioral attributes creates a full identity picture where the unique physical attributes associated with an individual are an irrefutable distinguisher.  Because a biometric or forensic match is the unequivocal identification of an entity, organizations around the world recognize the power of I2 for screening and vetting, authentication and identification purposes. We have helped our partners increase I2 capabilities across the full spectrum of biometric modalities to advance their missions.

I2 Research & Development

We have worked to develop novel approaches through collection, processing, and analytic techniques against disparate datasets producing identity attributes not currently possible. Near real-time facial recognition and identification from CCTV, derivation of fingerprints and iris from video, contactless print collection of latent prints from image or video in social media, and natural language processing linked to semantic inferencing are all examples of means to fuse the totality of an individual from diverse sources.

Identity System Management

We know through our experience in the I2 space that it requires a whole system approach. Employing the totality of I2, our team understands how to leverage various entities to advance technologies driving the full analytic cycle to create all-source knowledge of an individual. To accomplish this, identity data that lends itself to the totality of an individual requires exploitation of biographic, biometric, and behavioral information in order to derive attributes representing a unique individual for authentication or identification purposes.

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