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2018: Year In Review

It is quite amazing what this team has done over the last 365 days! Here is a year in review by the numbers!

ONE - In March we celebrated Intelligent Shift turning 1 year old. Fitting with the our culture, it was full of games and a lot of laughter. We unveiled the winner of the IS Fantasy Olympics Hall of Fame. Mike DeFede came back late to take the gold, Chris Stessing grabbed Silver and Matt “Mad Dog” O’Leary held off Susan Ward for the bronze. On the other end, Tim Ward hovered around last and eventually fell. Luke Balsley grabbed the last place IS employee medal.

TWO - Summer weddings were celebrated for 2 IS'rs. The IS shirt made it all the way around the world on honeymoon and back again.

THREE - 3 baby boys were born. We are expecting several more babies in 2019!!!!

FOUR - The IS team held 4 major events throughout the year. Our 1 year party, Summer picnic (pics below), night at the IMAX for "First Man", and our Holiday Blowout Celebration (check out the blog)!

FIVE - In April some of the team took on the Crystal City 5K series. The "swift squad" team is pictured below.

TEN - We had over 10 networking events throughout the year to include the employee of the year celebration where Susan Ward was recognized for her contributions to Intelligent Shift. Susan Ward will pass on this title to the 2019 recipient at the IS 2 year anniversary celebration in March or will she go back-to-back?

TWENTY - Giving back is part of our DNA and throughout the year we supported the local community. This included a large donation of baby formula, sponsoring events like holes at a local golf charity tournament, and coming together to donate over 20 complete thanksgiving food baskets for local families.

THIRTY - The Intelligent Shift internal "fist bump" program went live. This is a peer to peer monetary recognition program which was developed and executed by employees. Throughout the year the team gave out over 30 fist bump awards!

AND SO MANY FIRSTS - 1) We had our first employee called up to active duty. Proud of you Aaron Walker! 2) Our first recompete win! 3) Our first Major Award as a Best Place to Work in Virginia! 4) Facility Clearance Approval 5) First keynote address at a conference and so many more.


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