3 Years Strong

Three years ago today Mike, Mike, and I embarked on the next chapter of our professional careers and started Intelligent Shift. It is hard to believe how fast the last three years have flown by.  We had a dream to bring together fast learning, self-motivated, domain experienced change agents to solve difficult challenges for our clients.  It is truly unbelievable what the entire Intelligent Shift team has achieved in such a short period of time.  Our team has grown considerably since our first employee joined the team in August 2017.  We now support three government agencies and have employees supporting our five core technical domains (we call these our Practice Areas).   The Practice Area concept was an idea brought to us a few years ago from two of our early employees.   It has developed into five practice areas – Enterprise Management, System Engineering, Technology Delivery, Agile Engineering, and Data Science.  Best of all some fantastic leaders raised their hands to help stand these up and now each employee has a “career homeroom” at IS.   We just started rolling this out and look forward to what will come in 2020 and beyond for our Practice Areas.   

We have also invested in the development of our team and put a focus on leadership development.  There are more leadership articles than one can read in a lifetime that talk about why company’s need to invest in their leaders and managers. Simply stated – it matters!  And it is a priority for us and we are so grateful for the entire leadership team from our managers to our employee council. Intelligent Shift is the company it is today because of the collective efforts of so many of our employees.

After three years, we continue to hold biweekly all employee calls, monthly networking happy hours, and four major events each year.  On top of this the IS team is engaged in giving back across our community.  This includes support to Embry Rucker Shelter, Women Giving Back, Thanksgiving meal baskets for local families, holiday toy gift drives, and now this amazing team is finding ways to give back in our local communities during this national pandemic.  Which gets me to today and the challenges the world is facing.  Mike, Mike, and I gave our commitment and pledge to do everything we can during this pandemic to support the IS team.  It is a challenging time for everyone and we are truly in awe of this team.  We will come out on the other side a stronger company. 

We are incredibly proud of this team.  We know there is so much more to come in future years as we grow, develop leaders, and continue to see our employees make a significant impact on critical missions our government clients serve.  This team lives our values every day to exceed our customer goals, bring energy and passion, drive change and empower greatness.