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Coffee Shop Questions - Intelligent Shift Is Acquired by VTG. Wait! What?

DeFede: It’s been a while since we’ve done this. Super overdue. I look forward to getting real coffee with you guys at some point. Alright so today’s topic is: Wait, what? Intelligent Shift got acquired?

Matthews: It surprises even us. Last week, I was reviewing an old blog post called The Long Haul and I am quoted as saying "One thing I've learned from talking with other small businesses: you need to revisit your long term goals at least yearly because circumstances change." 2020 proved this to be true on so many levels.

Redding: 2020 was quite a year. I think back to the last partner offsite we had before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the plans we had for Intelligent Shift. 2020 was going to be the year of big investments in infrastructure and systems to support our growth. The pandemic hit and halted everything- new IT systems, facilities, back office hiring, and all work investments.

DeFede: In 20 years of working with you guys, I can’t remember another time we got frozen in place. We are usually flying forward. It was disorienting to just stop due to COVID. But as I look back, the pause gave us room to reconsider what’s best.

Matthews: Agreed. We always thought we could do this on our own. We were on track to make years of investments. Those would have paid off eventually too, but it would have taken time.

Redding: Leadership is about making tough decisions with all the data you have, but making decisions. When we heard the VTG story, it just made sense.

DeFede: It really did. They have a leadership team that understands the importance of culture and wanted to leverage IS as the foundation of an IC business. Plus, we get to keep working together to make sure it stays flying forward. Honestly, with the investment we are getting, it accelerates everything. Feels like we’re leaping ahead 2 years so “Hang on Tight.”

Matthews: It’s good across the board. Employees have already seen new benefits added like life insurance and new leadership opportunities. It’s been a strong start. They’ve already given us help in finance, contracts, security and so on. It’s like we skipped past all the years building the back office which we had been planning.

Redding: It was clear in that first conversation and even more clear now - joining the VTG family is an investment in the future of Intelligent Shift, in our employees, and the culture we are so proud of. I know I am really looking forward to a strong future with VTG.

DeFede: So, what’s next?

Matthews: We get to work. It’s time to demonstrate to the workforce over the next 3, 6, 12 months that Intelligent Shift is bigger and badder. There is a lot of excitement happening – we’re growing and creating opportunities for the employees.

Redding: Honestly, the same plan we had at the beginning of 2020, but now with the investment and support of a great company, VTG. Our focus remains grounded in our values and why we started Intelligent Shift. We are passionate about our employees and the mission we support.

DeFede: I agree. Not much has changed except things seem easier. I’m looking forward to this part of the journey.

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