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End of Year Thoughts and Christmas Gift

I have three young girls. On Christmas Day, they couldn’t wait to give me my gift. The pot holder (pictured) may not look like much, but I’m still smiling about it.

“This is so sweet girls. Thank you.”

“We really like your company and the people, Dad.”

That was the right ending to a great year. At our Holiday Party, (pictures link here), I talked about something that has driven Mike, Alissa and I from Day One. No one can be good at work if your home life is struggling. The reverse is also true. You can’t be your best at home when work is frustrating and unfulfilling.

Mike, Alissa and I strive to make the work portion a constant positive in the lives of Intelligent Shifters. We built the company with this concept in mind. That has led Intelligent Shift to being named a Great Place to Work in Virginia for 2019 based on employee input. I could explain our attitude, benefits and culture, but a few words here will never have the impact it should. Instead, go ask one of our employees if Intelligent Shift is a positive in their life. Then listen and compare how you’d answer that same question about your company.

If you don’t know a “Shifter”, look one up on Linkedin. They will be happy to talk to you. Don't want to do that, email and we will connect you with someone.

We hope to hear from you soon. Have a great New Year.

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