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Five Questions for Progress Each Day

Those who know me will tell you that I enjoy reading – A LOT! In the last few weeks I was reading an article recently published by Inc magazine. The article focused on 5 questions all leaders should ask and answer each night. The questions were: did I treat my health like an investment or expense, was I of service to anyone today, did I further my vision by at least one percent today, what are my three biggest rocks to complete tomorrow, and what’s my biggest obstacle right now. How fantastic are these questions? I wrote them down on a post card and have it on my nightstand as a reminder to ask myself this each night.

I really enjoyed how the article started with a focus on health. This is critical and something that is so easy to prioritize last. I go for a jog pretty much every day and I have always said it is as much for cardiovascular well-being as it is to clear my mind. I try really hard to make this a priority and look for people in my life to help provide accountability as I work to prioritize a focus on my health. This needs to be a priority and you have to invest and put your health first. It is really easy to let everything else take priority.

Over the years I have read articles on servant leadership and tried to make this is a focus for me. I have seen how leaders who focus on giving end up building stronger organizations. I have realized that the more I give the more I grow. This is true in every aspect of my life. Asking myself how I was of service to others is a great reminder of why we started Intelligent Shift. It is about people and mission.

My vision is a shared vision with Mike and Mike. We are building a company where there is a real focus on our employees and how we can help our customers solve their biggest challenges. I have to say that some days we move ahead 1 percent but other days we don’t. I like to look at this question over a larger snapshot in time. Instead of 1 day increments focusing on week to week or month to month. Measuring progress is really important.

At the end of each work day the last thing I do is prepare for the next day. I have restructured how I do this focusing on just three things I need to get done the next day. It is really easy to make a list of 15 things. But understanding the 3 things that really matter tomorrow helps me focus and make more steady progress toward end goals. Trying to get done 100 things only spreads me so thin that I get nothing done well. Focusing on three things ensures I am making progress.

Honestly, the last question about biggest obstacles did not resonate with me. If it did for you I would love to hear how and why. But the other four did and I have made changes in my daily routine to ask myself these questions each night. It is a rather small way that I am growing and keeping myself accountable and takes just a few minutes each night before I go to sleep.

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