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Inspiring a Better Culture Through Coaching

At Intelligent Shift we recognize an investment in our people provides exponential return for us. We have partnered with Dave Stadelmyer, a certified coach within our ranks and founder of Acorn Coaching and Consulting, to develop an internal coaching program to inspire both personal and professional growth of our employees. It is common to hear about senior leaders or executives gaining support of a coach, however at Intelligent Shift we have provided the opportunity of professional coaching to the entirety of the workforce. Coaching provides our employees the uncommon opportunity to be completely self-focused and inwardly reflective. The Intelligent Shift internal coaching program is designed for the individual; identifying personal values to then set goals, create outcomes and manage personal change. Currently we have over 25 officers in the program benefitting from the coaching experience Dave provides.

Why coaching as an employee benefit? Many studies have shown that professional coaching increases self-awareness, develops communication skills, increases leadership abilities and promotes overall higher motivation. These are positive individual attributes to apply to life and that also translate to a culture of more engaged, contented, and connected employees. There is an article in Forbes that discusses 6 ways coaching can make you more successful. At Intelligent Shift we recognize these employee successes lead to our success; to see themselves more clearly, see others more clearly, learn different ways to respond, leverage strengths, develop productive relationships, and ultimately achieve what they desire.

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