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Open Letter to Prospective Employees

We are building a company that is the destination of choice for the top engineers, analysts, and consultants in industry. Do you want to get in on the ground floor to build it, or watch from afar?

When you make the decision to begin the search for your next job it can be both a liberating and emotional experience. At Intelligent Shift, we believe you should decide on the company that fits you first, then narrow down to the specific job you will be performing. When job experiences follow your career aspirations, that’s when you will look back and be surprised that you’ve been with the same company for 10, 15, even 20 years. This is why choosing a company with the right culture, in which you can make a positive impact, is an important one.

At Intelligent Shift, we have this model embedded in our hiring approach. We hire awesome people first. Professional, responsible, relatable people with proven records of success. Once we find you and understand your near and long term career aspirations, we shape the ideal position for you across our network of customers, contracts, and industry partners. You want to seed a new market and grow it? We have a job for you. You want to lead a core capability into our customer base? We have a job for you. You want to be 100% focused on the mission and provide a National impact every day? We have a job for you.

Our hiring approach is simple and transparent. We connect with good people that we’ve worked with in the past or whom are referred to us. We then do a quick tag-up to both articulate the vision of Intelligent Shift and also understand your “priorities” for your next career challenge. If our vision aligns to your priorities, you will receive a provisional offer that locks in your salary and benefits. Then the job shaping becomes the focus; we will provide you visibility across our active contracts, customers, and partners to identify and shape your ideal job. You also play a key role in this process by dusting off your own personal network to reconnect and shape opportunities. Typically, in less than a month, we find a match and your provisional offer becomes firm, making you an Intelligent Shift ambassador.

Have we piqued your interest? Let’s chat. No strings attached. Just learn about our vision and passion. See if you are a fit.

To start the process to become an Intelligent Shift early adopter, send us an email at and tell us you want to learn more.

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