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Stepping Back at the Holiday Party

Well, 2017 was a whirlwind. It closed with a flourish and a really cool moment. To tell that story, I have to tell another first. When I got married, Mike Matthews was a new co-worker whom I barely knew at the time. Just before I left for West Virginia, he said make sure to pull your wife aside at the reception and just take it all in. You’ll never get that chance again and it’s amazing to see so many people you love there supporting you. Amanda and I did just that. A quiet dark corner for one song- people dancing, drinking, my 93-year old grandfather holding court, a few friends seemed to be making eyes at each other, a buddy filling a large emptied flower vase with beer from the keg. Super cool memories.

Fast forward 2017- The scene is our Holiday Party lots of sweaters, copper mugs (signature cocktail: Pomegranate Moscow Mule), Greg on crutches, and a parade of Ubers as the snow covered the roads. Towards the end, I took that step back again into a quiet corner. With 15 employees and guests invited, Intelligent Shift has started to get some bulk and that alone was cool to see in one room. Some of these folks just started, so they were meeting everyone for the first time. Watching all these all-stars get to know each other, try to politely eat these delicious pork tacos or the crazy hot arancini, and genuinely enjoy the holiday brought me back to my wedding. This time the people were betting, with their careers, on what we are building. Like I said that night, it’s one thing for Mike, Alissa and I to bet on ourselves. Quite another for someone else to bet on us. Even more for a spouse to make that bet too. And let me tell you, our employees’ guests were as amazing as our team. Cool conversations with guests as different as an animal communicator and a Sr IC PM. Mike’s advice to step back was as powerful that night as ever. It was finally a chance to take it all in and feel the culture.

As Amanda and I uber’d home, she reflected on the high quality of the people and the energy in the room. The ride home was another quiet cool moment. One of many to come.

I am so looking forward to Intelligent Shift’s 1-year celebration coming up soon.

Try it - Pomegranate Moscow Mule

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