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The Busiest Quarter Ever

It’s almost been a year. We’ve made plenty of mistakes, but have had our share of luck too. I will say we made one big mistake during that time. If you go back to the first blog, I said the stuff you think is hard is easy. I still stand by that, but here’s a hint- don’t try to change everything at the same time. Since Christmas we:

Changed banks. Had the employees choose a second health plan option and added then added one

We actually LOWERED our health care costs. Name another company that even held health care costs.

We added several other new benefits like short term disability- fully paid by us

We switched 401k providers and cut a huge half percent off fees. We are now well below industry average even against the big companies. It cost the company money, but is hundreds of thousands in savings to employees at retirement.

Bought all new swag for our team

Rolled out the peer-to-peer recognition program and our Summit performance review program (both designed by the employees).

I took a week in Florida to see my folks too.

It's all goodness, but if I ever decide to change 100 things at the same time, remind me that it is a ridiculous amount of paperwork. I hate paperwork.

Super big thank you to our employees that helped make choices, reviewed paperwork, and designed programs we will use for the next 20 years. How cool is it to have the employees design company policy?

Looking forward to this year, we have lots of bids and positions across the area. With all the changes out of the way, we are back to 100% focused on our team and finding the right people and the right partners.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a change, email us at

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