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The Shifters’ Perspective – What’s it Like?

This piece was sent by one of our employees, Binoy. He came up with the idea as he connected with colleagues that joined our company and produced a conversational look at what it is like to be at Intelligent Shift. We could not be more delighted to share it as our next blog post.

Binoy: Since I joined Intelligent Shift, former employees and peers always ask “Now that you’re over at Intelligent Shift, what’s it really like? Are you glad you made the switch?” The short answer is yes. It’s a no-brainer to follow leaders who have a strong vision, empower their employees to shape company policies, and build a culture where it feels like a “family.” Oh, and the start-up vibe is pretty cool too! However, don’t take my word for it. I asked a few of our fellow Shifters about their experiences with IS and you’ll notice those same common themes: strong culture, employee empowerment, and growth opportunities. Read for yourself and decide why IS should be on your next job search!

What made you decide join Intelligent Shift?

Amy: The decision to join Intelligent Shift was the trust I had for the 2 founders I had worked for in the past and knew a lot of the talent they were attracting. I felt, and still feel, that my success would be supported not only by my managers but by any other IS'er.

Nick: Joining Intelligent Shift was an opportunity to join an inspirational and ambitious team that I believed was building a successful company.  

Heather: After spending my entire career with a large company, I felt like I was missing something in my career. I wanted a company that had an active interest in helping me achieve my career goals. At Intelligent Shift, I am not a number - I am a voice that is heard at all levels of the company.  Intelligent Shift has great contract diversity for a small company, which allows for career growth opportunities industry-wide.

What do you like the most about Intelligent Shift?

Heather: The company's vision. The company's values. And most importantly - the people. Joining Intelligent Shift isn't just another job, it's joining a family of like-minded individuals.

Amy: The trust that is given to the employees, whether it is helping to shape the policies and benefits of the company or with business development efforts. I believe that trust is ALWAYS a 2 way street. 

Nick: Everyone is able to leave their mark on the success of the company. We all have been empowered to use our skills for building a successful future. Intelligent Shift has an employee-centric culture which inspires everyone to perform at a high level.

What advice would you give to candidates looking at Intelligent Shift or other small companies for their next job?

Nick: Do your research, meet with current employees, and if you are joining Intelligent Shift, feel confident that you’re making a great decision.

Heather: Find a company culture that you resonate with.  Find a group of hard working coworkers that have the same goals as you.

Amy: Look for a place that has a culture you feel reflects what is important to you. I have found that the greatest value of joining a small company is that you become a tight knit group- I personally feel it is imperative that the company and the people they hire embody a culture with which you are proud to be associated. You become a representative of the company and each other. 

Binoy: Now you have a pretty good indication why Intelligent Shift was named “Great Place to Work in Virginia for 2019” less than 2 years since inception. We are 50+ strong and growing…horizontally and vertically across the Community. For our employees, working at IS is not a job. It’s a way of living. Next time you see a Shifter, don’t ask “what’s it like working there?”; ask “how can I be part of it?”

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