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Voted a 2020 Best Place to Work!

In a previous blog, I’ve talked about how getting the award for Best Places to Work in Virginia was probably the thing of which I am most proud. Once again this year, our employees banded together to submit us and once again we made the list. In fact, we moved up to #11 among all small businesses. The best part, of course, is that the employees did this on their own. We even sent three of them (in the picture) as our reps. After all, they did this, not Mike, Alissa nor I. It looks like they had a blast, right?

So why am I so excited about this award? It’s simple. When we started Intelligent Shift we said we wanted an employee focused company. Almost every week, we are faced with choices between “business” expenses and employee experience. Blending the two is difficult, so it requires investment and novel approaches. For example, we are currently rolling out “Practices Areas,” which serve as a technical skills homeroom for all employees. In areas like Data Science, we have set aside targeted training, conference, certification and community building resources to drive knowledge sharing, technical growth, and cross program interactions. It’s a big investment, because culture is more important than counting dimes on the bottom line.

In the end, we know our employees are the way mission gets done. Keeping them happy and focused with the right skills has to be priority #1. This award says our employees nominated us because they think we are on the right path.

-Mike DeFede

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